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Great Real Estate Photography is essential in today's internet driven market.  It takes more than an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera to create effective Real Estate and Architectural Photography. It takes a practiced eye for composition, a wide angle lens, professional lighting, photo-editing software and the skills to use them. Your buyers are visually sophisticated and notice professional photos.  Great Real Estate Photography will get your buyers attention.

Why Use Professional Photography Services

There are lots of studies by independent websites that cater to real estate and by real estate related organizations that show results proving that having more and better quality photographs help greatly in the sale of homes online. And when I say online, I’d like to point out that a survey that was done in late 2007 showed that almost 80% of the home sold in 2006, people started their search for those home online. It is now 2017 and I am sure that number has increased. With the number of households with a computer and internet access, eventually everyone will be searching for their new home on the internet.

The results show that having more and better photography can increase the interest and number of offers on a home, increase the value (and final sales price) of a home and decrease the time on the market. Considering the evidence, why would any professional Realtor not want to use a professional photographer to assist him/her in the selling of a home.

Real Estate Photography

Chuck Hersh Real Estate and Architectural Photography will help redefine the look and feel of your listings so you stand out from competing agents and brokers.  The photographs Chuck provides attract buyers and sellers.  When you associate yourself and your Real Estate Firm with eye catching real estate photography  your brand will become the single source for real estate in your market. Chuck Hersh will not just redefine your listings, Chuck  will help redefine your reputation!

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